Our Grower Associate Program allows grower associates to purchase stock seed, take it through the certification process, and sell it as retail to local customers. this allows seed growers throughout the region to have local access to superior genetics. ‚Äč


At Valesco Genetics we select only the best genetics to meet our customers' needs.



A medium seeded, semi-leafless yellow pea with good lodging resistance, Salamanca is an early maturing variety with great seed quality. It is widely adapted and thrives across many of the pulse growing regions. Salamanca’s very high protein when combined with its high yield potential make it desirable in the food and feed markets and reinforce its value to the producer. 


A medium seeded, semi-leafless erect yellow pea that is very well adapted for all pea growing areas, Hyline has been a top yielder in trials in North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota; it is the only pea to yield over 100 bushels per acre in our private trial located in western North Dakota. Hyline has great quality combined with excellent lodging resistance, and a good disease package including root rot tolerance and powdery mildew resistance. 


A medium seeded, semi-leafless, high-yielding yellow pea with excellent lodging resistance as well as resistance to powdery mildew, Spider is an early maturing variety with great seed quality. Widely adapted, Spider has been a top yielder in trials in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, and is a top yielder under irrigation. 


A white-flowered, semi-leafless, medium seeded yellow pea, AAC Profit offers the complete package with high yields, great standability, and high protein. AAC Profit has portrayed great adaptability as it has ranked right at the top in trials throughout the Midwest with maturity medium to late in most areas. It has also shown great height as well as lodging resistance along with a good disease package including powdery mildew resistance and an overall vigorous plant.


A smaller seeded, semi-leafless tall yellow pea with good yield potential showing good protein, Gunner is an excellent choice to use in cover crop or forage mixes, as well as growing for sale into the commercial market.


A small seeded yellow pea, Bridger is one of the highest yielding in trials across Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. A top pea in lodging resistance, Bridger has excellent height and is one of the earliest maturing peas making it an excellent choice in areas prone to drought stress.


A large seeded yellow pea, Navarro has excellent lodging resistance with an above average yield. In trials Navarro has been the earliest flowering pea with an extended flowering period and early maturity—qualities which make it fairly stress tolerant. This variety fits nicely into a program of early seeding to spread out harvest and reduce risk.

Green Peas


A medium-sized seed with enhanced yield capability, Aragorn shows great bleach resistance, high quality green cotyledon, and average lodging resistance. It is an early maturing variety with an extended flowering period with good height.


A small-sized high quality seed, Greenwood has high resistance to bleaching and Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus. This green pea has strong standability and unique whole green color. 


A medium-sized dimpled seed with tall plant height, Empire is a late maturing green pea. It has excellent lodging resistance, average yield, and goo bleach tolerance.


A small-sized seed that is smooth and uniform, Crusier has excellent lodging resistance. This early maturing pea is great for splitting and is resistant to the Pea Seed-borne Mosiac Virus.


A small-size seeded green pea, Ginny has an early maturing rate. It has good yields, strong standability, and is disease resistant.


A small seeded, early maturing green pea, Arcadia is top yielding. It has good bleach tolerance and an early maturing rate. the short plant has average lodging resistance and preforms well in dryer areas. 


A very large seeded marrowfat pea, Orka is a specialty pea for the food market. It has a 10% yield drag, but the premium paid for this variety can make up for its lower yield. Seeding it early and harvesting it on time is critical to managing this variety for the highest quality.



Shamrock is a medium sized, dar, wrinkled seed specialty pea with excellent resistance to lodging and great bleach tolerance. Shamrock is on of the highest yielding green peas and handles stress very well.



A large seeded, tannin type faba bean approved for export trade, Fanfare is high yielding and tall with excellent lodging resistance and pod height. It also has good tolerance to boyrytis, better known as chocolate spot. 


Petite is a very small seed faba bean that is moderately late in blooming, but matures more rapidly and uniformly than most varieties. The small seed and high yield potential makes this faba bean an excellent cover crop or great addition into a cover crop mix.


A high yielding, low tannin Faba bean with large seed size and good color, Boxer has the agronomic characteristics growers are looking for with an excellent standability and good downy mildew resistance. Boxer is highly suitable for export.